Uniting to Make a Positive Change Nationwide

Mar 4, 2024

In a heartwarming collaboration aimed at making a positive impact on communities across the nation, The Salvation Army, Altrua Healthshare, Awakening Foundation, and renowned artist Matthew West have once again joined forces. This collective effort seeks to uplift and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Awakening Foundation and Altrua HealthShare, in collaboration with Matthew West, are contributing a generous donation of $8,000 to The Salvation Army, impacting communities across the nation and supporting various programs and initiatives designed to directly impact individuals facing challenges. At the concert in Charlotte, the Awakening Foundation presented a check for $500 to support the feeding programs at the Center of Hope shelter in Charlotte.

Matthew West is lending his support through the "Don't Stop Praying" tour, which kicks off in Charlotte on Feb. 22 and runs through March 23, making stops in 16 locations. This nationwide tour serves as a platform for spreading hope, encouragement, and experiencing the power of prayer.

"The collaboration between The Salvation Army, Altrua Healthshare, and Awakening Foundation is a testament to the power of collective action in creating positive change," said Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, National Commander at The Salvation Army. "This partnership enables us to expand our reach and enhance our ability to serve those in need, fostering stronger, more resilient communities."

"This Spring the Awakening Foundation is extremely excited to partner with the Salvation Army to identify the greatest immediate needs in communities around our nation and be a catalyst to meet those needs. The song that Matthew West’s Tour is based on says, ‘When you've cried, and you've cried 'til your tears run dry. The answer won't come, and you don't know why. And

you wonder if you can bow your head even one more time. Don't stop praying.’ Our desire is to be part of the Army of God that helps to answer some of those prayers,” said Chris Farnsworth, Director of Strategic Relationships for the Awakening Foundation.

The collaboration between these organizations exemplifies the strength of compassionate partnerships in addressing the diverse needs of communities across the nation.

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